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Shades - Underwater - Tin
Shades - Underwater - Tin
Shades - Underwater - Tin
Shades - Underwater - Tin
Shades - Underwater - Tin

Shades - Underwater - Tin

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Unique, heirloom-inspired designs and values of hand craftsmanship have us a reputation for effortlessly melding the traditional and the contemporary to create a beautifully distinct aesthetic.


  • Colors: Pure Tin threads, Grey Cotton, Yare Wood Sticks (horizontal). 

  • Shade pictured in 1,50 x 2,30 meters.
  • Approx thickness: 0.2 cm
  • Prices are all inclusive (Shipping to Europe, Uk & US + VAT). For all other countries, please contact us and we'll quote you.
  • Videos are for illustration of the feeling and functionality of the curtains.

  • Max possible width 1,50 meters; length unlimited.

We build custom made shades according to your specific needs! Contact us for inquiries. 



All of our Tapistelar shades are made to order by artisans in manual looms from Fique (agave fiber) and copper or tin threads, so slight color variations or other effects between the final product and the fotos may be found: this makes the pieces even more unique.



Roman Shades



Can be mounted in wall or ceiling. Cord lifting mechanism 



Because you order is only made for you, returns cannot be accepted.


Lead Time

Beauty needs time, doesn't it?  It takes up to 8 weeks to hand made this beautiful piece and that is what makes us different. Waiting for something totally custom made makes it even more special and it's totally worth it, trust us! 

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