Tapistelar is a textile studio based between Bogotá and Rome, founded in 2019 by Giovina Carabba and inspired by her family's textile heritage from the east of Italy in the 15th century.

Tapistelar works with artisans supporting Colombia’s history of craftsmanship, giving life to a beautifully distinct aesthetic transforming noble natural materials such as agave fiber into refined pieces, hand weaved in both horizontal and vertical looms, and finished by hand. Its pieces aim is to represent the country's cultural diversity as well as its natural beauty.The rugs are individually woven to order with Colombian agave fiber, a material that originates from the Andean Mountains. It is a fiber extracted from the leaves of the local Fucraea tree, used since the pre-Columbian era to weave coffee bags, textiles and baskets.

Woven by skilled artisans, and born from a generational heritage, each carpet is the result of a laborious weaving process that takes up to 40 days to complete. The character of each textile is not only defined by the color and pattern but also by its texture, with which the three-dimensional effect resulting from the mix of materials of different nature is obtained adding casual elegance and tropical luxury aesthetic to any space.

Born and raised in Rome, Giovina studied art economics first in Milan and then in London. After a sabbatical trip to Colombia, at the age of 23 she decided to stay and work in an NGO to help the victims of the guerrillas to associate in agricultural and craft cooperatives for their development and reintegration into society. It is there that she met some of the artisans who are now part of the Tapistelar team. 

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Fique and copper rug handmade