About The Founder

Giovina Carabba Tettamanti - Tapistelar Founder 

Born and raised in Rome, Giovina studied Art Economics in Milan and London. At 23 she travelled to Colombia on sabbatical, where she decided to stay and work for an NGO that focused on supporting the reintegration of guerrilla victims into society by forming agricultural and craft cooperatives. 


This is where she met some of the artisans who are now part of the Tapistelar team. Inspired by their creations, and drawing on her own heritage –her family was part of the textile industry in 15th Century Abruzzo–, Giovina founded Tapistelar in 2019.


“When I first discovered Furcraea textiles I immediately saw so many possibilities. 

I thought: ‘I see myself in them.’ And I was excited to experiment, to blend the artisans’ fascinating know-how with my own ideas.”


Giovina Carabba Tettamanti.