All Rugs Handwoven In Colombia


has never been this easy

1. We are here to help you choose your best fit in terms of colors, size and design.
Contact us via email or via phone/whatsapp +39 333 195 6770
  • Once we have understood together how is your space and what you want to achieve in terms of atmosphere, we will suggest you the right size of rug, shape (round, squared or rectangular) and recommend some designs. 

  • Next step will be to choose the pattern of the weaving.

  • The final step will be to help you choose the colors and if you want metal threads (copper or tin) included in the weave:

 Tapistelar Agave Fiber Color Palette


2. After receiving your order, our master rug makers will craft it with the outmost care and skill. We will send you photos updates about the production process.

3. Once your rug is ready (6 to 8 weeks), we will ship it worldwide directly to your door, all costs (shipping, taxes and duties) included in the price. 

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      For any inquiry and further detail, contact us. We will be very happy to help: