All Rugs Handwoven In Colombia

Our Process

Our aim is to go back to the origins, rediscovering and reinterpreting traditions, sourcing the best materials.




Our natural fiber rugs are made of Fique, the Colombian agave palm we work with. The fiber comes from Santander, Curití, where we proudly support farmer families.


To preserve the environment, our Fique is sustainably extracted only from the outer leaves, so that the plant can continue to grow.


Leaves are then cut, dried, combed, and dyed so these can be used as threads.





Once the Fique fibers have been brushed, dyed and spun, they are wrapped in cones, ready for the final transformation. One step closer to the beautiful TAPISTELAR Rug.


On manual looms, the colored threads are then woven with metals, such as copper and tin. Look for the final product at our Rug Shop.


We leverage autochthonous manual skills & our entrepreneurial desire to transform knowledge and manual work into development opportunities for small communities in Colombia.


Our rugs are created using a low ecological impact production process. Discover more in the Sustainability page.



Fique Is The New Jute
The uniqueness of our rugs lies mainly in the quality of the material used: fiber from a Colombian agave plant called Fique.


Adopt The Pace Of Nature
Threads of noble metals like copper and tin are craftily entwined with fique fibers to create innovative & exclusive patterns.


Just Living Is Not Enough
We pay fairly to our artisans and support buying less but buying better.




We are Giovina and Santiago, an Italo-Colombian couple with a passion for Colombian craftsmanship.


We aim to not only bring color and fun to homes making everyday life better, but also serve as a reliable bridge between artisans and customers who care about their environmental impact.