All Rugs Handwoven In Colombia


We strive to offer you the most beautiful and, at the same time, sustainably made rugs in the world.
We care not only of the environmental impact but also the health and ethics of production and the impact on workers (for producers, artisan families, employees). The Fique production in Colombia sustains an estimated of 60,000 families that depend economically on its cultivation and transformation.  10,000 more families are artisans, part of which work with Tapistelar to create our rugs. The end to end value creation process does not include any child labor. When you buy any Tapistelar product you are supporting ethical employment and labor.
The process to make the Tapistelar rugs is very low on electricity used.  The agave plants are harvested by hand, and also by hand are leaves then cut, depulped, combed, dried and dyed.
To preserve the environment, our Fique is sustainably extracted only from the outer leaves, so that the plant can continue to grow. Also, it preserves the quality of the future leaves. The organic material that is residue from the depulping is used as fertilizer for other productions (fruits, beans, potato). The Fique agave plant can be used as an agro-ecological crop, soil protector, water storage, and is suitable for reforestation. Each Fique plant can last up to 30 years. Plants grow very fast: in less than 2 years they are ready to produce.
Our aim is to be a timeless piece in your home, contributing to sustainability and a timeless aesthetics, out of trends. We also work on not having overproduction: we strictly produce only the necessary orders.  We only keep a little stock of samples to show on Instagram, our e-commerce and in our showroom. These are made from waste in finishing a rug, giving the fabric a second life.